OUR MISSION: To promote the health and welfare of canine companions through the creation and operation of a public off-leash dog park and dog rescue on the Gig Harbor Peninsula. Further, alone or in cooperation with other charitable/government agencies, to promote responsible and proper pet ownership through education and canine socialization and recreational activities.

CHEW has recently added dog rescue to its mission. Click here for more information. Foster homes are the heart of dog rescue. Please consider opening your home to a rescued dog until a forever home is found.

Gig Harbor's 20 Acre Dog Park is Fenced and Double Gated

While Gig Harbor's 20 acre off leash dog park isn't officially open, much of the work has been completed. It is fully fenced and there are several double-gated entries to it. We've noticed the gravity closing gate mechanisms need some tweaking--some don't close properly--so if you take your dog there, it's possible your dog could leave the park without you knowing it. And there are two areas where water run-off over the major trail makes it next to impossible to proceed. The property is located across Bujacich Road from McCormick Forest Park.

There is more work to be done before the park is officially opened. We'll keep you informed of future progress. Thanks to the PenMet Parks commissioners who have worked to make this happen. A special thanks to Commissioner Bill Sehmel.

Click here for tips on dog park etiquette and choices from the Association of Pet Dog Traininers (APDT)

We'll need volunteers to help with trail maintenance, etc. when the new off-leash dog park is opened. Please contact us if you'd be willing to volunteer, or find and organize volunteers. Email us at pawsontherun@gmail.com

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Please call or e-mail CHEW’s President, Sherette Main, (see below) if you need more information about CHEW and its efforts and successes.

"Dogs are not our whole life but they make our life whole." - Roger Caras

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To Contact CHEW: Call Sherette at 253-265-6235 or email pawsontherun@gmail.com

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